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see what you need to do…..

The only thing required of YOU to do to become rich and get richer is to “BECOME A COMPATIBLE VERSION”
Every degree of wealth has a certain compatibility feature and for YOU to acquire such wealth, you must match that feature.
The two core elements you must possess to ensure compatibility is;
*Reality Creation

Whatever you want to achieve, you must first create such a reality in your mind and be positive about it. Then pursue it at all cost.
Creating the reality you want is dependent on the POWER AND STATE OF YOUR MIND!
Understand that once you have envisioned a reality, there is a force that will always work against it to ensure that it doesn’t manifest. You must consistently fight against this force despite all odds and challenges. Fighting this force doesn’t bring comfortability in any way and you have to “be comfortable with being uncomfortable” for any reality you envision to become real.


Any event that has occurred was once in a potential state. For you to become rich and get richer, you must initiate the potential state by creating the virtual reality in your mind and then begin to take actionable steps that will bring about the kinetic state which is the manifestation of the reality.

After working on your mindset for the task ahead, tap into the investment element.

What should you invest in?
I am not here to tell you to invest in Forex, Crypto, real estate and some other ones you might probably be expecting me to mention.

You should invest in 4 currencies which are;

I wrote money as the last one because it is the least of the currencies.

Time is a currency that we all are privileged to have. The way you spend yours will determine the value of your money currency.

Two things I strongly recommend you do to ensure that your time currency is well spent are;
*Acquire relevant and refined knowledge. Take note of the two words I used which are relevant and refined. The world is moving at a faster pace than usual. This calls for one to follow the trend and for you to follow the trend, you have to be knowledgeable about the things that are relevant to the trend if not, you will go into extinction while living. Don’t waste your energy on something that is not relevant and refined.

*Build a personal brand.
A personal brand is the future of everything. Building it right takes time. Invest your time and energy in it because the ROI (return on investment) is massive. One sure way to starting to build a personal brand is to consistently create and publish high-quality contents. Your content is your voice. Your content is a tool that can gain you local and global relevance.

To activate your knowledge currency, read
powerful and mind-shifting books, deeply study how money works, attend value-packed training, learn high-income skills.
If you are patient enough to spend several years in school from primary to tertiary level with no commensurate rewards to the efforts you put in so far, then you should be more patient to acquire knowledge that will drastically increase the value of your money currency. The exciting thing is that you won’t spend the number of years you spent all through your school days to acquire the knowledge that will yield good monetary returns.

People currency is a currency that most people are yet to tap into. You will be leaving a lot on the table if you fail to leverage this currency. You might probably think that everything is okay because your job pays your bills. Hey, it’s not just about having fairly enough to take care of your bills. What value have you created? What is your public perception? How many people will defend you in your absence because of the value they have gotten from you? Are you building a legacy that will outlive you?

When you understand that “man is money and money is man” you will become more intentional in building a relationship with people. The money you are looking for is with people and these people are strangers. You can not get the money from them if you don’t build a relationship.

The two sets of people that are crucial in your network and relationship building are;
*Your mentors
*Your tribe
Feed on your mentors and feed your tribe.
You can feed on your mentors by tapping into their wealth of knowledge and experience. Stay under their tutelage and guidance. It will shorten your learning curve and give you access to their network which will add quality to yours. You can easily feed on your mentors when you commit to them financially. If you are only after FREE things, just know that you are shooting yourself in the leg. One of the ways to tapping into money currency through people currency is to pay for other people’s products and services. When you find it difficult to pay others, people will also find it difficult to pay you.

Pour your knowledge into your tribe. Feed them with so much value that they begin to feel like they are cheating you. At this point, you can easily tap into their money currency.

Time, knowledge and people currencies go through a conversion process to yield money currency. The conversion processes are in 3 forms namely;
*Creation (ownership)
*Collaboration (part ownership)

Until you create something out of the first 3 currencies, money will not enter your hand.
The world will pay you for the property you own. Head knowledge and your network will not attract money currency if you don’t create a product or service that will be exchanged for money out of them.

How can you create something?
You can create or claim ownership of something in 3 ways;

You can create a product or service out of the experience you’ve garnered over the years in a particular niche. There are people out there waiting to tap into your wealth of experience. Exchange that experience for money in form of a product or service.

Another cheat code to attracting money currency is creating something out of people’s needs/wants.
There is a difference between a need and a want. Human nature is wired to chase their wants first. If you can figure out what people want and what they need at the same time, just know that you’ve hit a jackpot. To fully understand the concept of needs/wants, check out one of the posts I made earlier here 

Passion can attract money currency only when you have studied the business of it.
When you know the business of your passion, you can create something out of it which will serve as a tool to attracting money currency.

Becoming rich and getting richer requires YOU to OWN something. Collaboration is another form of the conversion process where you can claim part ownership of something.
The truth is; not everyone can initiate, create and build something that will pull in massive wealth for them in the long run. If you fall in this category, you can still tap into such massive wealth by collaboration. Collaborate with someone who is building something that is in line with your vision. Use your skill as an exchange for part ownership.
Collaboration is the next big competition. Embrace it now that it has not yet become a red ocean.

Getting a job is another conversion process that will put money in your hand. When you get a job, you are simply using your skills/qualifications as a means to attracting money currency. If you want to get a well-paying job, learn a high-income skill.
This form of conversion should not be your only source of attracting money currency. If you want to become rich and get richer, the salary from your job is not enough to get you there. You have to leverage the other forms of the conversion process we talked about.

To get richer, keep upgrading to a higher version and commit more to the practice. To commit more means that more resources will go. What you will do to be making 5 figures comfortably will be different from that of 6 figures, 7 figures, etc. The more you invest, the richer you become.

The worth of your money currency is dependent on the exponential power of the time, knowledge and people currencies put together.

If you focus first on money currency, you will not be rich.
Money currency is the by-product of time, knowledge and people currencies.


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