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Let’s Go!

You might be wondering why you are at high risk if you don’t learn digital marketing or aren’t you?

You already have a good-paying job, so why should you be at high risk?

You don’t have any high-income skill, so are you at high risk if you choose to learn another skill over digital marketing? Stay glued to this article if you have checked any of the questions.

You will get to know; why it is not an option to either learn or embrace digital marketing, the unpopular reason you should acquire marketing and sales skill irrespective of your career, profession or what you do, a grand blueprint that will make you an authority in digital marketing if you make it a career path.

Digital Marketing wouldn’t have been in existence if Marketing had not been there. In other words, you cannot become a digital marketer without being a marketer. This is to say that “every digital marketer is a marketer but not every marketer is a digital marketer” I will explain that in a jiffy.

Hold on a bit and let’s talk about what Marketing is, what it is not and its fundamental concepts.

Marketing is not;

· A vision

· Advertising (advertising is just a part of marketing)

· Buying and selling

Marketing is simply a mission that gives rise to what you visualize.

I know you are probably trying to decipher in toto what this means. It is a mission in the sense that activities are involved.

Those activities include but are not limited to;

Identification: This requires one to be inquisitive.

Anticipation: This is being proactive and then, the satisfaction of customer’s needs.

These activities are tailored towards profitability.

Considering the nature of the activities aforementioned, you will discover that marketing is not a one-off thing or hit-and-run. It is a relationship and a life journey that requires you to genuinely care for your target audience.

Hope you are still with me?

Alright, great!

I know you are.

Let’s dive deeper then!

Marketing is psychological (based on human psychology), scientific, perceptive and not based on creativity. It has two major classifications based on the medium of operation which I guess you already know to be traditional and digital.

Traditional marketing is a type of marketing that leverages offline platforms and channels such as; radio, television, newspaper, billboard, print, phone, etc. to reach its target audience unlike digital marketing that leverages on online platforms, channels, devices and tools such as; social media, email, WhatsApp, computer, smartphone, etc. to reach its target audience.

Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing remains important and still a realistic way to market some businesses especially those products that are generic with a very wide targeting. Marketing those products leveraging TV ads can reach millions at a low cost. However, it has downsides which are; it has little or no room for real-time interaction with its target audience, it costs more in certain cases, it can also be unreliable in the sense that you cannot edit a print ad once it’s out, it is hard to measure as you cannot track the number and category of people who have seen the ad. On the other hand, digital marketing is less expensive in most cases, has real-time interaction with the target audience, is measurable, disseminates rapidly and moves the revenue needle in business. Despite its outweighing advantages, the shortcomings are; it is time-consuming, it depends on technology which can at one point or the other break down.

Having read to this point, you will agree with me that one who knows, understands and apply the marketing fundamentals is not far-fetched from being a marketer but may not necessarily be a digital marketer as I stated earlier if he or she does not know how to use the digital medium to further execute marketing activities.

Let’s look at a few more concepts that will form a grand blueprint when combined for someone who wants to become an authority in digital marketing.

If this is not the part you are looking forward to, relax, it will get to your turn alright! I go cut soap for you (I will still talk about what you want to hear).

Lol………..(lots of laughs)

Alright, let’s continue……..

The CATTR Marketing Funnel

Wealth = n^CATTR

The CATTR marketing funnel developed by my mentor Deepak Kanakaraju will generate wealth for you as a digital marketer if it is well implemented.

[n] Niche: the choice of your niche is a determinant factor to the output of the CATTR funnel which accounts for the level of your success and wealth.

[C] Content: you attract people from your niche by creating and publishing useful contents via blog posts, videos, lead magnets, live webinars etc.

[A] Attention: Drive traffic to your content using Paid Ads, Social Media, SEO and Referrals.

[T] Trust: leverage on retargeting, deep marketing and marketing automation to build trust.

[T] Transaction: Use a natural sales method to convert your leads to customers. Using a natural sales method in the sense that you already have the right hot audience who you have built trust with and can easily sell to them without compelling them to buy.

However, you can deploy the ACCG inbound marketing funnel which is proprietary to me and projects the same concept as that of my mentor.

[A] Attraction: This is a stage where you leverage your blog posts, social media publishing, keywords to attract strangers (cold audience) and turn them into visitors.

[C] Conversion: Here, you convert the visitors to leads (warm audience) using direct response marketing which is leveraging quality and valuable contents with immediate action such as a call-to-action button, a route to a landing page and an opt-in form. The importance of email marketing can not be over-emphasized here.

[C] Closing: At this point, you aim to close those leads to become customers. Retarget them, follow them up via; Email, phone calls and most importantly have a conversation at any point you are in contact with them. When you have a conversation with them instead of selling to them, you will easily close them. Again, don’t sell to them rather assist them to buy. Help them convince themselves to buy.

I know that you might probably be confused at this point because I am telling you not to sell to them when you want to make sales. It might sound crazy but that’s true! Not to worry, it will be a discussion for another day. Let’s not make this article overly long.

I hope you are okay with that? Oh, I know you are!


Let’s continue!

[G] Gratification: the funnel is incomplete if you stop at acquiring customers and you will be leaving a lot on the table if you fail to make a customer a repeated customer or an advocate. Ensure to satisfy first-time customers. Build a relationship (customer relationship management) with them, listen to their opinion via surveys. Monitor them. Also, leverage Email to continuously provide them with value. Doing all these will help you easily turn your customers into advocates. They will preach YOU everywhere and bring referrals to YOU. At this point, they are doing “word of mouth” marketing for YOU which remains the best type of marketing.

Choosing The Right Niche

You can choose the right niche by selecting that which you are talented in, passionate about and has a market. You can also replace talent with highly skilled. A combination of these three will do the magic.

For instance, you are passionate about digital marketing and highly skilled in it and then there is a market for it, you are not wrong making it your niche but there is something you also need to do which is to niche down. By niching down, I mean you need to specialize in a sub-category and be a king there. Digital Marketing is a broad field that encompasses different branches of digital marketing such as; Content marketing, Affiliate marketing, Social media marketing, Search engine marketing, Influencer marketing, Copywriting, Sales, Closing, etc. So as a digital marketer, niche down to one of the branches that you are passionate about, master it and become the number one there. Becoming the number one will be easier when you niche down again in one of the branches. For example, you have chosen Affiliate marketing as a sub-niche, the next question you need to ask yourself is this; what kind of niche do I channel my Affiliate marketing to? it could be health, SaaS, education, etc. Find the answer and dominate in that area.

Integrated Digital Marketing Framework

The diagram above has content marketing seated at the centre which makes it the king of all marketing. Every other marketing has content embedded in it. The internet breathes on content. Nothing will be done without content. This is to say that content is the very first thing a digital marketer or an aspiring one should leverage to be successful in the marketing field.

Instead of running paid ads or driving traffic directly to your products, you can channel it to your content and close your leads in the process.

Either the CATTR or the ACCG marketing funnel is executed through the Integrated Digital Marketing Framework.

Personal branding and why it’s important

Personal branding is a deliberate act and consistent efforts directed towards; building a reputation, creating an identity to be known for and a public perception. It is aimed at rightly positioning oneself as an authority in a field, bringing out one’s uniqueness that differentiates him from competitors, building credibility, increasing influence and affluence.

With personal branding, you can become the best known and the best known will always beat the best. You need to know that people will always want to hear from people and not brands.

When you build your brand, it can give rise to many brands as a result of your influence. You can as well become an influencer or brand ambassador to companies.

In as much as personal branding is such a good thing, it has a downside which is; it can neither be invested in nor be sold but then the upsides heavily outweigh the downside.

The Evolution of personal branding

If you want to be an authority in digital marketing, allowing yourself to evolve is what you must do. Don’t jump the process. Follow the MassTrust Blueprint which is diagrammatically illustrated below.

Learn: If you want to build a personal brand, you must have a skill. Learn a high-income skill like digital marketing. Understand the concepts, facts and procedures. Practice what you’ve learnt.

Work: Getting a job, freelancing or carrying out projects will give you the work experience of what you’ve learnt. Continuous implementation is key.

Blog: Write about your learning and work experiences. The more you write, the better you understand and your personal brand is being built in the process.

Consult: Now that you have built a personal brand via a blog and have garnered learning and work experience, you can begin to consult for businesses instead of working for them.

Mentor: Your experiences, achievements and results are a good tool for mentorship. Mentor others who want to become like you. Mentoring others will also help you gain more knowledge and scale your understanding to an entirely new level.

Start-up: Based on the skills and experiences you have acquired and gained over the years, the understanding developed about the market and the problem(s) identified, you can build a business around them.

All the concepts discussed and the MassTrust blueprint combined form the grand blueprint for one to make digital marketing a career path and become an authority in it.

I congratulate YOU for reading till this point. It tells me that you seek relevant knowledge and you are disciplined. I appreciate you for that.

Follow me to find the answers to the questions asked in the beginning.

Let’s go…….

The truth is, not everyone will make digital marketing a career path but then irrespective of your profession or what you do, it’s important you acquire marketing skill. The reason is this; If you don’t know how to market yourself and sell what you know, you will remain broke.

It is competitive out there!

YOU are not the only one learning and acquiring skills. Those in your niche will kick you out of the market once they understand how marketing and sales work. You are at high risk if you fail to learn marketing. The only remedy to that is for YOU to learn marketing and sales skills. Leverage it in your field of speciality and watch the magic happen.

The comfort zone in your brain may still be telling you to relax because you have a well-paying job. I don’t need to remind you that Covid-19 proved that a well-paying job is no longer good enough. You also need to learn a high-income skill that will give you the privilege to make more money from the comfort of your home. Whatever high-income skill you decide to learn, ensure you also learn marketing so you won’t struggle to make sales and live below your competence level.

You may be worried that you will not be able to learn, master and actively use the digital tools and mediums for either marketing yourself or growing a startup/business because of your schedule.

What do you do then?

Simply Embrace it!

How do you embrace it?

Employ the services of someone who will help you achieve what your schedule doesn’t permit you to.

I will wrap it up here by giving you a piece of privileged information that is unpopular. If you learn marketing well and implement what you’ve learnt, you will build a great relationship (both casual and intimate) with people especially if you advance your knowledge in closing, sales and copywriting skills which are different specialities under marketing.

It’s quite a long read. Congratulations once again for channelling your attention to this piece.

My concern is for YOU to do something about what you have learnt. Learning without execution will not make a difference.

Make a difference by DOING!

Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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