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The Best Rich Words That Will Make You Rich

by | Jul 29, 2021 | Wealth | 0 comments

The best rich words you could have ever read is found in this piece.

To remain rich is even harder than becoming rich. Sustaining wealth is a different ball game.

One of the things you should take advantage of if you want to remain rich is the power of leverage.

You must use it cautiously and wisely if not it will work against you.

The power of leverage will work against you when you either abuse or fear it.

Contrary to what you may know, you can leverage on borrowing money. In this case, you must use the power of debt leverage in your favour and when you do so, it becomes a good debt.

One of the best rich words you should never forget is; Avoid bad debt with all your strength and might.

Don’t joke with these 3 important forms of leverage which are;

1. The Mind

2. The Plan

3. The Actions.

The Mind Houses The Best Rich Words

Sir, money does not make you rich! Your mind has the power to either make you rich or poor.

Words can make you rich or poor.

Be careful of the kind of content you consume!

The kind of words that hit your brain can make you rich or poor.

This is not just a random statement but a fact.

I know you have been hearing this: “na money dem dey use make money“. It is not a fallacy but it is in a different dimension to what I am going to say next.

It doesn’t take money to make money.

The grassroots of becoming rich is ” WORDS” and thankfully WORDS are FREE!

Ma, you need to learn to use the leverage of your brain to your financial favour.

YOUR BRAIN IS THE MOST POWERFUL LEVERAGE. When I stated earlier that you should be careful of the contents you consume, it wasn’t to fill up the write-up.

Again, delete words like “I CAN’T DO THIS“, ” I CAN’T AFFORD THIS“, “INVESTING IS RISKY“, etc. from your dictionary because when you say them, you are simply using the most powerful form of leverage you have against yourself.

Having the right mindset towards money is key. However, you will need to have a plan.

The Plan Contains The Best Rich Words

See, I don’t know what and what you have in your plan. But RETIRING RICH AND YOUNG is a MUST BE in your plan and you have to work it out.

When you have a good plan of which one of them is making investments, retiring young and rich is 100% achievable.

Retiring young also gives you more time to get rich. By rich, I mean generating more than $83,000 monthly.

Most people have a plan to be poor because the structure of their plan has no element of financial growth. That’s why when most people retire, they earn less.

In this digital age, if you earn less when you retire, it’s your fault.

It would be your fault as a result of not taking action even though you have a plan.

Action Sets The Best Rich Words in Motion

Wait first, let me ask you this question: If four of your friends are seated on a bench in front of your room and three of them decide to run, how many of your friends are left?

Tell me your answer here before you continue reading the article.

Don’t steal the answer by scrolling down. LOL (lots of laughs)

I asked that question because I want to call your attention to the word “ACTION

The answer to that question is four.

The fact that three of your friends decided to run doesn’t mean that they have run. This is to tell you that making a decision is not enough. You must ACT.

In the 20/80 per cent rule, it is ACTION that separated those that makeup 20% from the 80%. Your aim should be to belong to the 20% and you can’t achieve the aim if you don’t take ACTION.

In addition to that, if you want to be more successful, copy the way children (kids) learn.

Kids are naturally not afraid of failing, making mistakes or even getting embarrassed.

You must copy those three things from kids and then learn how to overcome them.

They are a prerequisite for you to retire rich and young.

Meanwhile, there are simple and easy things you can do to become rich.

3 Simple Things to do to Become Rich

To become rich, acquiring the three assets below can get you there;

1. Business

2. Paper assets

3. Real estate

When you acquire assets rather than working for money, just know that you are setting the path to retiring rich.

When you increase your business skills, investments and money-management skills, you are on the path to creating massive wealth.

On the other hand, you can also leverage debt to become richer when retiring.

Leverage Debt

One of the ways you can use debt to your advantage is using it to fund your retirement.

Again, use debt to fund your retirement instead of equity. Using debt will make you retire much earlier.

Let’s break it down; using debt to fund your retirement means using peoples’ money to retire while using equity to fund your requirement means using your own money to retire.

Sir, if you want to retire early (which is highly recommended), don’t use your money (equity) to retire rather get deeper in debt and use peoples’ money to retire.

N.B; we are talking about good debt here.

Ma, do you know why the poor and the middle class have a hard time getting rich?

It’s simply because they try so hard to use their money to become rich.

Open your ears let me tell you this: if you want to become rich, then you have/need to learn and know how to use other people’s money to get rich not your money.

Moreover, my post is in no way telling you to go and borrow.


My post is not about telling you to go and borrow, enter into deep debt and cause problems for yourself. “The concept of the borrowing and the debt” we are talking about here is not the generic one you know rather we are talking about a good debt that can help you retire well (young and rich).

A debt appropriately channelled to real estate will yield monthly cash flow. This type is a good debt when done the right way. For example, the debt you have on your apartment houses puts money in your hand monthly while the debt you have on your residence( your mortgage) takes money from you monthly.

You must understand cash flow and leverage if you want to escape the poor and middle class. Leverage is simply the ability to do more with less.

Your understanding of good debt and bad will also help you in getting rich.

You can say you have a good debt when that puts money on your table monthly while bad debt is when that debt takes away money from your pocket.

Other People’s Time (OPT) is also another form of leverage you can take advantage of to retire young.

You can use OPT to build a business that is an asset. The leverage here is the employment of people to create assets faster and make them more valuable.

Now, see why most people do not get richer faster. It is because of their time and labour ( safe and secure job) and their money (savings held in the bank ) that the rich are leveraging to create and acquire assets that make them rich.

Take very good advantage of these two financial leverage:

1. OPT (Other People’s Time)

2. OPM (Other People’s Money)

Other Powerful forms of leverage

Time; one of the best rich words:

until you become accountable for your time, you won’t know how much you’ve lost honestly.

Sir, aside from your appropriate sleep and rest time, you should account for every other time.

Until you take this seriously, you will be unknowingly and massively lagging. Wake up and recover all that you’ve lost by doubling your efforts.

You sef reason am, you don see any rich person weh carry time to play (have you seen any rich man that plays with time?)

In as much time is a powerful form of leverage, the quality of your relationship is however important.

Relationship; one of the best rich words:

Sir, it’s not just about what you know, WHO YOU SABI? (who do you know?) Are you intentional about building your network? Money dey waka for circles o (money moves in circles)

Who are the five people you always spend time with? Watch it! It’s a determinant factor.

It’s not even about you or now.

Think long term sir.

Think about the beneficiaries.

Let your good deeds speak for you.

I lost my mum years ago but then her good deeds and relationships had made me bypass protocol and put good money in my hands. Let me not go there!

The point is this; be intentional with your relationships! Man is Money, Money is Man!


I am not talking about the Academic and Professional education our system presented to us. Even our professional education system is massively faulty which is the reason thousands of students graduate every year yet nothing to show for it.

Financial education is the hack. While you are acquiring academic and professional education, ensure you get financially educated.

Our system doesn’t offer it but thankfully, you can get it outside our school system. Do all it takes to acquire financial education because that is what will give you the authority to live life on your terms.


Internet is breakthrough leverage. Make the most out of it.

That smartphone you are holding is a weapon! It’s left for you to decide what to shoot with it. If you ask me, I will tell you to shoot poverty and other shootables.

Control your phone and the Internet! They should not control you! I don’t know who this is for but act on it speedily.

Sir, hear this! If you have physically worked hard for too long and you are yet to get ahead financially, press PAUSE, you are probably another person’s leverage and you need to change direction and speedily lay your hands on what works if not, you will work hard till you die.

That your money that has been idle in the bank for God knows how long, pull it, invest in your intellectual development and other things that will yield something good in return. Leaving it there is simply giving other people access to leverage it.

Knowledge is not just power o, it is money.

The more you acquire knowledge and the business of it, the more money.

Dear, whenever you start being lazy to learn and that laziness lingers, watch it because it will get to a point that you will stop learning without you knowing and once this happens, money will gradually leave your hands to those that are continuously learning.

Money no dey stay one place (money does not stay at a place) so you must always command it to your direction if not you go just poor like this eeh (you will be poor)

The Rich Are Greedy Versus The Rich Are Generous

Let’s demystify these varied thoughts; “The rich are greedy” v.s “The rich are generous

First, greediness and generosity have nothing to do with being rich or poor.

Some poor people are greedy and at the same time, some poor people are generous. The same applies to the rich.

One of the valid ways to be generous is to do more with less. Doing more and more with less and less. This particular way of generosity places wealth in your hands.

If you want to earn more money, ask yourself this question; how do I serve more people?

But what could be the reason some people do say that the rich are greedy? You can share your thoughts in the comment section.

The reason is simply their mindset; they expect that the rich should pay people more based on how long they have been on that job. Like the longer you stay on a job, the more your pay.

But come to think of it, that person is doing the same job. Don’t you think that greediness is the other way round like wanting to get more pay for doing the same job?

If you had followed me, you would notice that there are two different thoughts here which are two different realities.

For those whose their thought about greediness is, when the rich don’t follow the ‘more pay based on longevity of same job’ has that as their reality while those that see it the other way round (I.e greediness being wanting to get more pay for doing the same job) has that thought as their reality.

I did say it’s your choice to choose your reality; let’s see these different realities and you will know where the rich belong to

The 4 Different Realities

1. self-employed or small business:

The reality that exists here is self/personal independence, kinda DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

2. Business:

I am talking about big business, unlike the first one that is a small business. The reality here goes beyond the ‘small business’ the power of leverage is understood and utilized very well here that’s why they moved from being small to big.

A big business owner continuously thinks of how to raise structures and build systems that will serve more people better while a small business owner is busy focusing on the people he can directly get in touch with which is the reason he is still small.


3. Employee:

The reality that exists here is job security. Some people are after getting a job they feel it’s secure and once they get it, they have arrived. Listen, there is nothing wrong with being an employee but you mustn’t limit yourself to this reality.

4. Investor:

THIS IS WHERE THE RICH BELONG. Investors make money with money. Their money works for them.

A few more on the best rich words to take note of;

Sir, aim at getting to the point where your money works for you and work it out.

Now, that you have seen the different realities and where you belong. It is left for you to decide whether to stay where you are, change your reality or run a combo.

Let me call your attention to this again. You can agree with me that for you to make an excellent grade in a particular course, you must understand the subject matter. You must know in toto everything that has to be known for you to make that excellent grade.

The same applies when you want to make good money.

Sir, you will not be able to make good money without understanding in toto the subject matter which is ‘MONEY’.

First thing first, you must learn how money works. You must understand the principles. Until you know it and ruthlessly execute it, nothing changes.

If you want to become wealthy and remain wealthy after you must have retired, then you have to learn how to become less employable instead of learning how to be more employable. This first takes a drastic change in the reality you envisage.

The first step to take in your journey to creating wealth faster is to switch to the realities of the rich. Then, wear the armour of strategic and ruthless execution.

Sir, no matter how successful you are, still respect the odds to avoid shocking and choking because you go find absorber, you no go see (you will look for an absorber but you will not see)

See, if you fail to take risks, you will end up working for those who do.

Taking risks is part of the game in your journey to retiring rich and you have to be comfortable with it.

A Million Dollar Question

To sum up this article, I will leave you with a question.


This is a million-dollar question. Think through it till you have the answer because acting on the answer can make you a billionaire. It has made people billionaires.

Sir, until you take control of your reality, there are certain things you can’t picture and get.


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