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by | Jun 5, 2021 | business | 2 comments

You have dwelt in that your thoughts for so long!

Stop thinking of the product/service to create and then afterwards you start looking for customers…NO! Don’t do that.
Reverse the equation to give you the right focal point.

Look for a starving crowd that want something, create a business around that thing they want.

Did you observe the two words I used in the above sentence….”STARVING” and “WANT”… I could have just used only “CROWD” and replace “WANT” with “NEED”.

But you see, to enjoy that massive profits you are looking for; look for that crowd that is STARVED of something and also pay attention to what people WANT and not what they necessarily NEED.

just wait a minute before you argue because I already perceived you may want to argue…I wouldn’t know exactly…

Let’s look at this;…..

Case Study: (UNN)

If publicity has been carried out that there will be a business and entrepreneurship summit on 30/05/2020 by 4 pm inside the campus and at that said time and date, one of the departments is hosting a program (maybe beauty contest) and Phyno (artist) will be there live to perform.

The summit is FREE but the beauty pageant has a GATE FEE

Which one do you think students will attend?

The margin of attendance that will be recorded will be far greater than that of the summit…

Remember; the SUMMIT is FREE but the BEAUTY PAGEANT has a GATE FEE.

So why is it so? It’s simply because people always do go for what they WANT and not what they necessarily NEED.

In our case study; the students need that business/entrepreneurship summit in their lives but you see they prefer to go for their WANTS first.

Paying attention and looking closely to discover what people WANT will help you avoid UNNECESSARY HARD WORK.

I am not saying that it’s not good to meet people’s NEEDS but do well to understand this piece.

There are lots of examples to give to you to understand the message I am trying to convey but let’s make do with the one I gave to avoid making this write up too lengthy.


  1. Stranger

    Short and resourced

    Very true
    And same as working SMART not working hard your heads off

    But not saying working hard is bad


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